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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

It's Father's Day on Sunday 16th June, and we've pulled together some gift ideas to make it easy for you! Don't forget your Father's Day card either.

'Old man pubs' may be trendy now, but don't forget your old man may have been doing the rounds in them way before you came along! He might even be able to name all of the Pubs Of Hull Old Town featured on this print.




Utter Bollocks Notebook

The cheeky Top Shelf Notebooks by Pop Press are one for the office Dads. Sure, noone in the family knows exactly what he does at work every day (maybe he’s a spy!) but these notebooks are sure to inject some of that classic Dad humour into meetings.


Tiny Container

It is what it says on the tin: a Tiny Container. For all the secret treasures your Dad's been the custodian of for years like keys to nowhere, old pennies, random lego bits, spare IKEA fittings... or a hiding place for his super sour sweet stash (I know you’ve got one Dad, I just haven’t figured out where yet).


Cycling Jerseys

Now, we're not saying that all Dads are into cycling, but we can tell you that after a year of observation we have noted that a huge amount of Dads spend time looking at David Sparshott's cycling-themed prints in our shop. It's not stereotyping - it's science. Try the Cycling Jersey's print or take a look at Sparshott's other wheely good work.


Blackwing Limited Edition Pencils

These Blackwing limited edition pencils are inspired by the NASA Exploration Program. The robotic arm and zoom enabled cameras that will be sent to Mars were first envisioned in drawings by the team at Motiv Space Systems using Blackwing pencils. It's the closest your Dad will get to fulfilling any childhood dreams of going into space, all while doing his crossword.




Cult Leader Alternative Scouting Patch

Hes's the head of the family and you're a weird lot aren't you, with strange customs and traditions that came from, well, no-one remembers. A cult-like clan, you might say! Get him Luke Drozd's Alternative Scouting Patch... he's earned it!



Perpetual Calender

The Perpetual Calendar by Block Designs has a simple and clear design, and stands neatly on a desk, so your Dad can keep track of the days and fulfill his Fatherly duty of being able to remind you what date the clocks change.



Death Wins a Goldfish

We'll be honest, Death Wins a Goldfish makes a perfect book for the downstairs loo. There's nothing more we can really say.






An Illustrated History of Filmmaking

Is it just our Dads or can yours also recount facts about films from out of nowhere? If no, An Illustrated History of Filmmaking by Adam Allsuch Boardman should help. If yes, it will give him a few new tidbits to impress with.




By 'Eck It's Grand Yorkshire

So you've won the genetic lottery and you're the son or daughter of a Yorkshireman, flat caps off to you! This print by Finest Imaginary celebrates the best county in the country, and we dare say the World.



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