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Geometric Photo Clip

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Elevate your favourite postcard or photograph with Block Design's innovative new Geometric Photo Clip.

Unleash your creativity and curate the perfect shelfie with a mix of colours and shapes. 

Simply place your picture or memo within the free-standing metal clip and display. Acting both as a stand and a holder, the clip will secure your photo but won't leave a mark.

The clip can also be wall-mounted on the wall, simply hang from a small nail.

Hand-made in Block's UK studio, the clips are available in 3 colours and in a triangle or semicircle design. The shapes and colours have been selected to complement a variety of prints, enhancing your photo or design.

Use the clips to hold business cards, memos, name cards or place cards as well as photos, postcards and small prints. 

// Triangle height 5.5cm, width 9.5cm
// Semicircle height 4.2cm, width 8.5cm

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