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Cool contemporary fish Gluggle jug, glug vase or jug. In a lovely lilac colour

Lilac Original Gluggle Jug Pitcher Vase

The Gluggle Jug Factory

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The Gluggle Jug is an iconic piece of British design, because of their wonderful 'gluggling' sound that has been fascinating users since it was first produced in the 1870s. The unique gluggle sound is created when liquid is poured from the jug at three-quarters full.

The Gluggle Jug Factory continues its legacy and produces them in the same region in England in which they had been created over 150 years ago. They are still made by hand.

Both beautiful and bold, the Gluggle Jug makes a fantastic centrepiece for all occasions. Use it as a pitcher in the centre of the table, or fill it with flowers or even kitchen utensils. The mini Gluggle Jug could be used to decant sauces... or as a pen pot or makeup brush holder. The Gluggle Jug is happy being admired on a mantlepiece, shelf, kitchen work surface or wherever you fancying placing it. The jugs are fired at 1200 degrees so they are dishwasher safe.

The magic gurgle happens when the jug is filled with water between the eye and the belly, and swung backwards and forwards (for example when water is poured out of it and it's set back down. If there is still water above the eye, no air gets into the tail when pouring and the jug cannot gurgle. If there is too little water in the fish, there can be no play between water and air and then it won't gurgle either.

Choose your size...
The XL holds 1.3 litres and is 27 cm high. It weighs 1.4kg so once filled with liquid it can be a touch heavy, but should contain enough liquid to last around a dinner table. It has a large 'belly' which produces a long and deep gurgle.
The L holds 0.6 litres and is 22 cm high, weighing about 0.8kg. Its gurgle is less deep than the XL. 
The Mini holds just the same amount as a glass of water, 0.04 litres, and is 9 cm high. This makes it ideal for creams, sauces or even a little posey of flowers. 

// Handmade in England
// 3 sizes to choose from
// Many uses, not just for pouring liquids
// Food and dishwasher safe

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