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Our 2017 Round Up

Our 2017 Round Up

Although we’ve been around longer than 2017, this year really feels like the one we really got going. From starting the website from our spare room in March 2016, the first half of 2017 saw our first birthday, more markets, and popping up at ace events like TEDxHull. Plus, as everyone in Hull knows, it was back to ours for more cultural events than you could shake a Blackwing pencil at!

Some of our favourite moments from this year included Made In Hull, Worm Festival, Paper City, John Grant’s North Atlantic Flux, Where Are We Now?... oh there are just too many! Alice’s diary from this year shows we’ve had one cultural experience every other day this year on average, we can’t name them all!

In the early months of the year we both submitted work to be included as part of the Hull 52, a project devised by Adam Kerr and YesYesBD which saw 52 Hull artists each get their work on a playing card. Form later sold the physical packs of cards and they flew out, with profits going towards Hull Children’s University.

During all the excitement and organisation to try and see everything, plans were afoot and we were looking for a space that would be home to the Form shop.

We opened our Humber Street shop in July this year and were really pleased to see people enjoying the stuff we were sharing. Although we both still worked full time elsewhere, so were only able to open on weekends, we had an excellent summer as newbies of the street, enjoying exhibitions at KAG, Humber Street Gallery and Studio Eleven (favourites this year being States of Play, COUM Transmissions, Bobby Beasley, Fountain ‘17) and of course welcoming locals and tourists for the always excellent Humber Street Sesh and wonderful Freedom Festival. Where else but Hull on a weekend in September can you go to work and find dinosaurs hanging around your shop?!

Freedom Festival

In October things got printy as Hull Print Fair took over Humber Street. With plenty of creatives selling their work in Humber Street Gallery and workshops from Claire West and Ground in KAG, you couldn’t move on the street for great work!

We moved the shop a little further down the street in November and soon after, Joe took the plunge to open the shop and design studio six days a week instead of just weekends.

Form Shop and Studio

It’s been great to hear good news this year from other creatives in Hull - the opening of Hub A, the Type Slowly store on Carr Lane, Chance making the move from Chanterlands Ave to Savile Street and our neighbours at Fruit getting the go-ahead for big and exciting changes.

Looking ahead, we’re excited for the Ferens Open Exhibition in February. Joe will have 3 pieces on show and we always have a good time looking at other works. We’ll be working hard getting the new shop space up to scratch (sorry, there might be some disruption as we kit it out!). We’ll work hard to source lots of lovely new stuff for you lot to complement the brilliant work we already have, from Rosie Barratt, the very first artist we sold, to Casey Raymond, who’s Bowie Trumps we added to the shop today and all those in between!

As we grow we want to keep putting back into Hull, and it’s only possible thanks to our customers. Sorry it’s cheesy but we wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you for supporting us and buying work from brilliant artists and designers. Thanks also to our family who’ve helped us out this year, helping us shift lots of stock and furniture, feeding and watering us and giving us advice.

All that’s left to say is Happy New Year to you all! Party your feet off or put your feet up, whatever suits - we’ll see you on the other side.

Joe + Alice

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  • What a great year you have had=hope you continue your success in 2018.

    Vonnie B

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