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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

My Dad Used to be So Cool
And we mean it as nicely as possible! New Dads will enjoy reading this to their small kids, and Keith Negley's illustrations make it a fun experience for everyone.


101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die
Something to inspire making a change from Dad Rock. An illustrated encyclopedia of the world's best-loved artists, from Abba to Zappa. 

Cycling Stars
Trump cards featuring 30 of the cycling world's greatest through history. Put the debate of who's the best to rest!

Science Landmarks Letterpress Coaster Set
Letterpressed by Pop Press in Nottingham, each coaster set features five different landmarks where important science stuff has happened, such as Jodrell Bank and Bletchley Park.

Goal! A Football Trump Game

You might have heard, there's a bit football thing about to happen soon. Why not kick things off by beating your dad in a game of football trumps.

D-Day Calendar
Something for busy Dads who have something to look forward to. The calendar lets you count down the days to any event, big or small.

Music Gear Prints

One for the music makers, our series of Music Gear prints includes Synths and Drum Machines, each with a collection of classic and modern instruments from throughout history. Plus we've got a special Daft Punk one with their gear used on the Alive tours.


Alternative Scouting Patches
Was your Dad busy earning his scouting patches back in the day when he was a nipper? There's no reason to stop now with Luke Drozd's Alternative Scouting Patches.

Don't forget a card! View our selection of Father's Day cards

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